Rutronik division

About us

In January 2023 Cidev Group Ltd. and Rutronik – a Global Distributor from Germany, formed
a Partnership where as Cidev Group will officially represent Rutronik and Distribute In Israel,
all the Franchised Electronic Components made by manufacturers that are Distributed by Rutronik.
For this purpose, Cidev has formed a new Division – called Rutronik Div.
Cidev Group, with H.Q in Israel and over 100 Employees, was established in 1973, and has Two daughter Companies in Taiwan and in H.K, as well as Two Offices in China and an office in India and the Philippines.
The Central Ware House is in Israel with over 100,000 Line Items ready to ship from Stock.
Rutronik with H.Q in Germany, was Established in 1973, has 80 offices around the world, with close to 2,000 Employees and sales of over 1.5 Billion US $. the Central Ware House in Germany with Stock Value of over 280 Million USD.
All items can be supplied with C.O.C and are purchased directly from the Manufacturers with the Original Labels and Packages.

Major Lines in Israel